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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 4, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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six are still missing. all 27 american passengers are accounted for. yingluck shinawatra, first female prime minister. she is the sister of the ousted former prime minister. after seven weeks of testimony, some dull, some dramatic, the casey anthony trial is wrapping up. the jury is expected to get the case today. cnn's david mattingly is live in orlando. what's happening right now? >> reporter: kyra, yesterday we listened to the defense hour after hour after hour, picking apart all the expert testimony for the prosecution. today, the prosecution has the final word. it is their burden to prove
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beyond a reasonable doubt that casey anthony murdered her child. and now we're listening to prosecutor jeff ashton going back through the witnesses they produced to bolster their credibility to make sure they have their case front and center in the minds of the jury before they start to deliberate. the jury is expected to get their instructions and to begin to deliberate some time later today. >> do we have any idea how long the jury might be out? >> that is the question that everyone keeps speculating on. there's no way we can know. we won't know what this jury finds important in this case. and we won't know what sort of conflict might occur in that room, as they go through everything. this is a circumstantial case. there is no clear evidence directly linking casey anthony to the murder of her child. the prosecution is arguing all
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these bits and pieces that point at her and her alone as the one responsible. the defense, of course, trying to poke holes in that, when they were up yesterday, they were very thorough in going through everything to show the jury how many blind spots there are in the prosecution's case. they have a lot to consider when they go back there. they definitely will have a lot to talk about and discuss. as you can bet, there will be arguing going on in that room. >> david mattingly, let us know as soon as you hear if anything is happening. an oil pipeline that runs under the yellowstone river broke. about 32,000 gallons of crude actually got into the water. reynold wolf is monitoring the spill for us. how bad is it? >> the oil spill, oil spills we dealt with last summer no, comparison whatsoever. however it is still detrimental to a lot of things up in this part of the world.
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yellowstone national park is right in this location. the oil spill is between these two points. good news is that it's actually flowing away from yellowstone park. it's between laurel and billings, montana. the river, just about here, very hard to see. it took place july 1st 11:30 in the evening, anywhere from 750 to 1,000 barrels of oil in the area. one of the big issues we have in this area, you have a wonderful fi fish, a trout that happens to be a surface feeder. when they go up to the higher surface of the water, it interacts with the oil and that can cause a lot of damage. very swift moving river. it will help break up the oil, which will make it much easier
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to disperse. bad and good news mixed in. back to you. >> reynolds, thank you very much. >> you bet. no holiday if you're running for the white house. paul steinhauser is joining us. >> you're working. i'm working. >> they might as well work. >> it's a good day to do it, too. a lot of parades and events. they're going to all those important early voting states. take a look at the map. michele bachman, newt gingrich, rick santorum, where will they be? iowa. mitt romney and jon huntsman will be marching in the same parade in new hampshire. herman cain will be at philadelphia's hall. no holiday at all, as you said, for the presidential candidates, kyra. speaking of the fourth of
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july, it seems a lot of americans need to go back to school. >> yeah, yeah. check this out. this is a national poll. they asked what year did the u.s. declare its independence? 58% got it right. nearly six in ten got it right. about one in four said they were unsure what year it was and 16% got it wrong. when you break down those numbers, older americans did better than younger americans when it comes to getting the date right, the year right, kyra. >> no surprise. it happens all the time, right? we talk about days in history, all of us make those mistakes a number of times. we'll have an update in an hour. for all the latest news go to all the intrigue for a holiday script. multi-million dollar wedding, rumors of a runaway bride, even a family curse. c cnn's monita rajpal, we are
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talking about monaco's prince albert. >> will this wedding actually take place? there had been word, rumors, reports that his now bride had attempted to run away almost three times. she had her passport reportedly confiscated at the nice airport and even at the monaco helipad he she was trying to leave. so many rumors that there could be yet another illegitimate child coming out of the woodwork right now. i guess all of this was the undertone of a very lavish ceremony on saturday. this was part of a two-day wedding ceremony that was taking place. friday was a civil service. on saturday, the pictures we're seeing right now are of the religious ceremony. this is, as we saw, about 3500 guests who were invited, who's who of european royalty and international celebrities. the bride looking beautiful in
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armani. she wore armani on both days. there are news reports that they were wondering if the tears she cried were tears of joy or sadness. however, with the headline love child rumors can't reign on parade. monaco hopes the wedding will bring a new dawn for the principality that has lost its luster and suffered three decades of family misfortunes since the car crash that killed princess grace. the curse of the gramaldis, kyra. >> such an interesting legacy behind this family. i tell you what, we will talk more about that. more quickly, let's take live pictures, the other story you've been talking about there in london and, of course, all of us here in the united states, is will and kate. live pictures in from now. you could probably say they have charmed canada by everything they have done.
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a few examples? cooking at one of the top culinary schools, meeting with homeless youth, also visiting a cancer ward and children there. so right now they are getting ready -- actually, they are arriving at a legislature building. is that right? okay, thank you. this is the province house, second oldest active legislature building in canada, highlighting the importance role that they played. we'll have more pictures as they continue to tour canada. it's finally here. nathan's famous fourth of july hot dog eating contest. is the u.s. at risk of losing the title one last year by joey chestnut? who knows? we'll investigate. live in coney island.
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hello, everybody. this is lieutenant colonel ingrid moertl. i want to say hi to everybody back at home in the united states and happy fourth of july. seth, happy birthday, buddy. take care. bye-bye. tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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due to popular demand, we just can't get enough of the live pictures of will and kate, as they continue to tour all across canada. right now, you're seeing live pictures from the province house there. the royal behi
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heiness -- heinesses, shall we say there? they make all types of historic stops. let's check stories making news cross country here. police officer and father of two shot to death in a hotel in memphis last night. officer timothy warren was responding to a report of shots fired at a hotel. responders had already found the body of one victim when shots started firing again. warren was fatally shot and the shooting suspect is now in custody. take a look at this video. speedboat crashes into another boat during a race that happened at a regatta on the ohio river. a speedboat hit a rescue boat in the same area. three people were injured in that crash, two of them seriously hurt. the last american drafted to fight in the vietnam war about to retire, sergeant major jeff mellinger. returning to civilian life after 39 years in the army. shortly after he was drafted in
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1972, the u.s. went to an all-volunteer force. yes, it's become as american as apple pie. today is nathan's famous fourth of july hot dog eating contest. senior correspondent allan chernoff joining us from the festivities. we understand you're actually going to show us the dunk, right? this is the secret to the hot dog eating supremacy? >> reporter: absolutely, kyra. i'll tell you the mystery of exactly how joey chestnut was able to consume 68 of these in only ten minutes two years ago to set a world championship record. that secret may never be unraveled. it's beyond man's comprehension. i can tell you the secret to competitive eating of hot dogs. it's dry, right? the bun is really dry. that's the problem. how do you resolve that? dunk it in water. and then it goes right down. it's very, very easy. you'll see these competitors
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dunking their buns, eating the buns separately from the hot dogs in many cases. in some cases, dunking them all together. it's all in the dunk. that's the secret. >> allan, nothing like seeing you dunk your bun. big thing to talk about, of course, the women finally getting their own table, right? they've broken the hot dog glass ceiling. this is serious stuff for the women now. >> exactly. a great day for female equality. a women's-only table. the belt is pink as opposed to the men's mustard yellow belt. she is expected to do it, holds the world record for women. it's up there, 41 dogs. doesn't have that much competition. we expect her to win it. by the way, guess what sonia
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thomas does for a living. you'll never guess. she's a burger king manager. but she's a champion hot dog eater. >> i remember interviewing her years ago and she said it was really tough going on a date. she would always out-do the guy at the all-you-can-eat buffet. we'll be checking in with you the next couple of hours. also, we'll be talking to competitive eating top dog george shea. in addition to unwith of the female competitors today at 9:45. nothing says fourth of july like fire works, right? many cities will be celebrating without them due to unusually dry conditions, which would make it just too dangerous. reynolds wolf is explaining that to us. explain the science here. >> the key thing is this, a great part of the country, especially parts of the desert southwest and texas where we have very low humidity and very
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dry conditions. that's a perfect recipe for bad things to happen when it comes to fireworks. especially across texas and especially along parts of the gulf coast and desert southwest where this year, no fireworks, simply due to the possibility of fire itself. very hot conditions as you might imagine. the humidity will be higher. a chance of thunderstorms into the afternoon. possibly severe storms in the northern plains and in through the great lakes. should be just picture perfect. same story for you up in parts of the pacific northwest. nice, sunny, dry for you. chance of showers across parts of southern california. meanwhile, take a look of of what you can expect temperature wise. 82 in chicago. great by wrigley field. 92 in washington, d.c., 101 in dallas. 73, 76 in los angeles. new york into the 80s. i don't know what is better, kyra, wh you think about it temperatures close to 90 degrees with a stomach full of
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reconstituted pork rinds. it's the freakiest thing in the whole world. it's an absolute freak show. >> just for you then. live pictures as they get ready for the big competition. that doesn't impress you that a woman can eat 70 hot dogs in less than ten minutes? >> trust me, anyone can eat that. >> it's just gross? >> it is what it is. if you're shopping for a home, buying a house could never be more affordable. is it the right financial decision for you or are you better off renting? canada can't get enough of the royal couple. they've charmed canada. we'll take you to the latest stop, prince edward island.
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okay. some "showbiz" headlines for you. shakeup at mckinney high. one student will not be returning to fox's hit show "glee." chord overstreet's contract as a regular will not be renewed. darren criss will be back in the fall as a regular. lady gaga day. mayor gave her the key to the city and school kids performed for her. "transformers" blew the competition away and set a july box office record. it made $372 million over the
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weeke globally over five days. >> michael jordan, wrote the note to a prom date at the age of 18. sold at auction for $5,000 and recently made public. one thing we learned? he was full of compliments for his lady. duke and duchess of cambridge spent the night on a warship, cooked lobster souffle. they've charmed canada. they are now on prince edward island. that's where max foster is. you met the duke and duchess for an off-the-record chat. what were your impressions? >> reporter: that they're really enjoying the trip, looking forward to the rest of it.
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grueling schedule they're on. they seemed in really good form. if you look at the crowds here at prince edward island, can you sort of see why. there's a ooh huge response for them in this country. very excited. the couple are due to arrive here any moment now. the crowds will see them in an open-top carriage. later on you'll see them taking to the water, each in a dragon boat, racing each other. they're both very competitive. that will be good. and a risky maneuver for william. he will take to the skies with the search and rescue teams. canadians do this very unusual maneuver, emergency landing on water. i know that the palace aides are slightly concerned that that's
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going to happen. a great trip so far. >> max, there doesn't seem to be any there where you are. there somebody vom mahave been protests. >> reporter: that's right. we speak to the crowds there. they might be anti-monarchy in that part of the world but they're very pro will and kate as they call them. an impromptu walk about, that wasn't expected, and that went extremely well. very interesting to see the
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quebecers taking to them. when i spoke to them, they were very pleased with that. >> live pictures following them. keep us posted. max foster there. thank you so much. is it better to buy a home or rent? housing bust has made more homes affordable and revived the real
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estate question. alison confidekosik at the new stock exchange. >> reporter: they looked at the 50 biggest cities in the u.s. at 80% of those cities it's cheaper to buy. the fact is that home prices are falling and rents are going up. home prices are down 5% versus rents going up about 2.5%. rents are rising because of a higher demand as more people are losing their homes and being forced to rent. where it comes down to sometimes is on where you live. kyra? >> overall it's cheaper to buy, but it varies by city, right? how do you figure out, based on where you live? >> reporter: the rule of thumb is you can buy the home if the home costs no more than 15 times the annual rent. let's say the home price is $140,000 but the annual rent price is at $14,000. that's almost 1,200 a month. you take that home price divided by the price to rent ratio and you get 10. you would want to buy in this city. anything 15 or below, you would want to buy. most places to rent are in coastal cities. this is what we found, places like san francisco, portland, boston, new york. these are big cities, mostly on the coast. what we're finding in these cities are home prices are still really high. you'll be better off renting on those. kyra? >> other factors we should take a look at as well. >> definitely there are. think about how long you'll be in the home. less than five years, it's probably not worth it to buy it. you put up a lot of money upfront when you buy. thousands of dollars in closing costs, sales commissions. sometimes you do improvements right away. you have to consider how much cash you have available. you'll be tying up a lot of money in your homes. if you need cash, don't count on
9:26 am
selling that home on a dime. if you're at a higher tax bracket, owning may make more sense. you can dededuct mortgage interest and property taxes. all this, keera the bottom line, a real good starting line, where the home price is divided by the rent and you get the hard and fast numbers as a starting point to make that decision, kyra. celebrating our troops on the fourth of july. we'll go live to afghanistan to see what our troops are thinking about this fourth of july so far from home. she's just been named military spouse of the year. that's saying a lot. we'll talk to her live right after the break. this is cw2 christopher holaday from washington. say hi to my family.
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jurors are expected to begin deliberations. hacker group has release a list of 27 user list and names and passwords. the group says they did it to point out apple's security flaws. for every one of those u.s. troops on the front lines, there's a military family back home that's doing everything possible to stay strong. the military community knows how to look after its own.
9:30 am
they have each other's back, volunteering, supporting each other, reaching out. it's hard to stand out. but one woman has. bianca strakowski of raleigh, north carolina, has been named military wife of the year. >> good to have you both. >> thank you. happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july to you. i bet nothing feels better than to have your husband right next to you, hand in hand, correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> yes, it's wonderful to spend time with him, home, safe. >> i want to talk with you about the fact that your wife received this reward. as we see her actually receive it, brag for a minute about what makes your wife so fantastic. >> i'll tell you what. it's one of those things that i tend to get complacent with her around the house. i almost like depend on her to be superwoman. it had taken her getting the
9:31 am
reaward and me hearing the write-up for me to understand wow, she really does a lot of things. >> it helps you to appreciate your marriage more, yes? >> it does. it actually makes me look at myself and try to find self worth. if she's taking care of everything around the house, what am i doing on a daily basis? >> you're a mother of of three, full-time student. you volunteer within a number of activities. how the heck do you get it all done? and at the same time, remain such a dedicated wife? >> honestly, i feel so privileged that i get to be married to somebody who is serving our country. and it is my everyday heroes that i know about. i know how wonderful military families are. they get me up every day and make me want to be a better person to work on their behalf. >> to all the other -- we could
9:32 am
just have you give marriage advice, period. but to other military spouses, how should they prioritize? what do you think is the number one thing that you should stay focused on when you are married to someone in the military? >> it should always be your family. people who fall under that roof of your home, take care of them and take care of your fellow military family. we have each other's back. and that is why this life is so easy for us to live. we know all around the country we are never alone. if you feel alone, contact me. because i'm here to listen to you. >> wow! yeah, with all the kids, your husband, your charity work, your volunteer work. oh, my goodness. let me ask you, bianca. you actually wrote here that you set goals as a military wife. you wrote that you saw it as your responsibility. what do you mean by that? >> it is my responsibility to represent all five branches of the military for the next year.
9:33 am
and with that, i want to help be a voice for them. i want to hear their concerns and do something productive with them. these women and men who support our service members keep the homefront strong so they can do that job, so they can defend our freedom and they deserve opportunities as well to pursue those goals. for the next year i'm going to use my very loud jersey voice to help get some things done with them. >> when you're out there on the front lines, how often do you think about your wife and what she's doing for you back home? does it inspire you? >> it happens daily. obviously you focus on the mission and keep yourself moving on the task. when you have a little bit of down time, your always thinking about, you know, that warrior at home that's taking care of the hard work. and that's raising the kids, taking care of the house and doing things for herself so she can be successful as well.
9:34 am
>> spoken like a true marine. bianca and ron, great talking to you, especially on the fourth of july. >> thank you very much. have a great holiday. >> thank you. i know you will. cnn's jason carroll is joining us live from afghanistan. jason, great to see you. great to see you in this venue. >> reporter: yeah. it's great to be here, kyra, with these guys. as you know, we've been following some of them as part of our series, our year-long series. some familiar faces like sergeant randy shorter. he has actually received a promotion since the last time we spoke, now first sergeant randy shorter. sergeant anthony cook. these are two familiar faces. you probably remember them from our series. a newer member who just joined the platoon. we want to introduce you here and give us a sense of what it's
9:35 am
been like in this platoon? >> from the moment i came in, the guys gave me that feeling out period, what kind of leader is he? after a while, they accepted me into the platoon. it's just like being part of a family. >> reporter: we talk so much about family. on a holiday like today, obviously, you cannot be with family. you're with each other. how does that feel? >> it helps because we're here together, thick and thin. we go through the tough eest of times. we always pull for each other. today, especially the fourth of july, we can reflect and think about the moments we had back home and moments we're getting ready to have when we go back home. >> do you agree with that? >> yes, jason. as you said, earlier, we're hanging out like one big family, poker game going on, guys getting haircuts. >> you cleaned up in that poker
9:36 am
game. >> first let me start with lieutenant george cain. >> mom, dad, everyone back home, my brother, will, sister, sarah, family and friends in seattle, texas, st. louis. >> also a shoutout? >> my wife, cheryl, my daughters in ft. campbell. hello, i love you. can't wait to see you. my sister, amy and my mother and brother, robert, in california. >> reporter: your wife is already here. you don't have to give a shoutout to her but you can if you want. >> adrian, and my aunt and my cousin, kimberly and jessica, i love all y'all. can't wait to see you. >> reporter: i wish we could give all the guys out there an opportunity to speak to their families. if you're watching out there, they're here, they're safe, doing a great job and happy fourth of july to you all. >> jason, i remember you telling
9:37 am
me months ago that you wanted to follow these guys all the way to afghanistan. you did it. what's the biggest change you've seen in the gentlemen to your right from the very beginning when they were getting ready to go to afghanistan to right now, boots on the ground? >> the biggest change that i have seen is just you do see how it wears on them. you also see this resilience. to me, it's incredible to see them out there. up in the early hours, we're going to go on a mission after we're done with all this. it's amazing to see how tough these guys all are. they see the losses. they see the good. they see the bad. it's interesting to see how some of them lost weight, some of them put on a little more muscle.
9:38 am
you do see how it's worn on them, being here during this time. you also see the camaraderie and the closeness that these guys have. it's been an honor to be able to do this series and to see these guys the past year or so and see how they've developed. it's been incredible. incredible experience. >> jason carroll, live in afghanistan there with the troops. thank you so much. coming up, what the space campers think about the last shuttle mission ever. south florida disappointing. >> reporter: disappointing? >> aspiring astronauts try to
9:39 am
adapt to nasa's new vision. we'll talk to them from space camp. bomb squad officer at work. car bomb explodes, sending him flying. but he survives. his story, next. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
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be astronauts is as strong as ever. >> what do you want to do when you grow up? >> i hope to become an astronaut. >> it's that heroic quality so appealing to children from all eras that pushes these youngers toward space. >> what do you guys think of astronauts? >> brave. determined, talented. all that stuff. >> about 30,000 elementary through high school students come through space camp each and every year at the u.s. space and rocket center in huntsville, alabama. their week of astronaut training culminates in a mock shuttle mission. >> how do you feel about it, last space shuttle going up? >> disappointing. >> disappointing? deborah barnhart is the chief here at space camp. >> reporter: what do you say then? thspace shuttle program is ending with "atlantaiis""atlant"
9:45 am
but that's going to end this year. what is then for the space camp? >> it's like a graduation to me. we're moving on in our national space program to something else. >> reporter: these campers have lots of ideas for that something else. what do you want to do when you go to space? >> go to mars. >> i'm going to be the first woman on mars. >> reporter: high five, sister. >> i know one day we're going to live on other planets. >> reporter: you think so? >> definitely. >> reporter: how are we going to breathe? >> there will be oxygen generators. >> reporter: as far-fetched as it sounds, these whiz kids are are right on target. barnhart says they are already planning that next phase of space camp to include inflatable space habitats. what's an inflatable? >> you can launch a structure, collapsed inside of a rocket. once you get it into space, pressurize it, like an inflatable balloon. they're inflatable structures that can be used on the surface
9:46 am
of the moon or anywhere in space. >> reporter: perhaps pushing the next generation of astronauts further into the next frontier. >> how old are these whiz kids? >> one of those kids you just saw, wearing his little nasa flight suit, he was explaining nuclear propulsion to me. is he 12 years of age. here we are, in the summer months. it's fourth graders through high school. i might have been going into high school when i went. so, i got to fulfill my dream, getting my own flight suit. space nerd alert. 30,000 kids. just a sense of awe, what is space, even space shuttle, beyond the space shuttle. >> now that our space shuttle is going away, what happens to the camp? >> that's really the challenge they face. deborah barnhart, the ceo, says look, it will reflect what our space exploration will reflect.
9:47 am
charlie boulden said it's the end of the shuttle but it's the next phase of exploration. so they'll have opportunities for kids to learn how to go to mars and how to go to other planets. they'll have to change. they won't be going up in a shuttle. >> or building their own space shuttle and figuring out how to do it without the program. >> exactly. >> just need some money from richard branson to do that. >> they'll figure it out. this huge change for nasa from retired astronaut jeff ashby, who will speak about his three missions on columbia, ""endeavour" and "atlantis." final shuttle launch is set a week from friday. our coverage begins 10:00 am eastern time. in just over an hour,
9:48 am
america's son, joey chestnut trying to repeat last year's victory at, yes, nathan's famous hot dog eating we will talk to this top dog in th ke eating con federation ando possibly one of the new contestants. before making my dinner. which is fine, i mean i, i know how to make dinner. it just starts to make you wonder. is this what happens when you age? my friends used to say i was the lucky one. i had the fun parents. where's the fun now? night, guys. [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota venza. keep on rolling. [ male announcer ] toyota venza. purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources.
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checking stories making news across country,çó wildfires hav burned through entire forests in new mexico.jf ásebñvukeset[a back in their
9:51 am
homes. that's pretty much the entirer population of los alamos just where this is happening. a judge ruled that thew3 minnesa zooe1 could use money like membership and other areas to keep it running. the apartment why james whitey bulgerú propertyok right now. he is on the lamb for 16 years until his arrest two weeks ago. thejf apartment'slp owner in sa kinds of phone calls. one reason could bejf those calr res lookingft2uju money that cod rmqm!u walls where the feds found more than $800,000. lots ofñi developments in t "cnn newsroom," let's check in withw3 david mattingxqñly outsie courthouse in florida.
9:52 am
>> the prosecutionxd is wrappin up its case right now. the jury will decideñr the fatef caseye1 anthony. >> and as theok nation celebrat í$t birthday, a lot of people are going took be staying home t some people will be heading out to the xdcoast. i'll let you know what kind ofe weather you can expect as you head home. i'mjf brianna kei white house where we have quite thuó mixed bag. aw9bigxdñi fourth oft(xd july p an impasse between raising the debt ceiling. n the white house. details at the top of thee1 hou. capturing that moment for military families where someone they love comes home from war. coming up at the next hour, we're going to come up with a 50ian who came upñi withçó an amazingly powerful way to share thatb#oy with the rest of the world.xd
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the stories developing later today, the duke and duchess of cambridge compete inpad dragon boat xdxdr the shuttle crew arrivesfá at t kennedy?;xd spacew3 center. and the fourth7"
9:56 am
national famous hot dog eating contest. in just minutes, we're going to talk to the competitive eating top dog, george shay.w3
9:57 am
9:58 am
well, in just over an hour, vie for the yellow mustard belt.
9:59 am
i'm talking about nathan's fame yumus fourth of july hot dog eating vytáu eating vytáu george shaq[ competitive eating joinsxd me live. george, tell me who is next to you. >> this is lorelle marie "thejf realñib.xd meal" qmelee. she's one of the toplp rookies the sport. >> we're going to talkó[ to larelle in a moment t(okhere. throughouti] xdtime,lpñrw3çó wo achieved many rights, voting, now they're goinge1 to have the own hot dog table. put into perspective for me how pivotalq this momentñr is in ñi1 reason. >> not since betty ferdann, not since joan of arcñm!m there ben such a forward step in the effort to achievee1 gender w3q quality. but this is for the stomach. whate1 i saw this year was soni
10:00 am
thomas ak 40fs? hot dogs and bu to get w3i]here.but we had four womenñi consumec more than 20 h dogs and buns compete to earn a spot at the table which is impressive. >> lorelle, this is historic. tell me what it means to youxw what's thec message to the boys? >> what does it mean to you? >> there'sñiñi not stopping us for this, this is a dream come true. i@ve to say thist( is probably the secondt( most exciting thin that's happens to me other than my wedding. >> ask her if she's got a qélessage for the boys. >> do you have a message for the boys today? >>lpñ look out, there's nothing. we're going to take some of your down. >> i love it.ñic lorelle, we'll beçó watchingyou. george, it's always fun talking to you. ñ is one of our favoriteçóñi traditions. >> thank you for being here. happyuiq! of july. >> happy fourth and good luck to
10:01 am
lorelle.yñ(ñdtq) rrñ now alp moó of baha, mexico, a boatg tourists that we told youi];xbd cap sized, tossing a lotb ofó[ people into the water.e1 dozens of é@people, actually.xd as
10:02 am
right now and what could we see today? >> kyra, the prosecution is wasting no time going after some of the asse$ea>9m by the defense,ñr particularly theóom y that they@y anthony drownñg1u by accident e family pool and then itt( grandfather, george anthony, who conspired to wrap the body up aéd"dispose of it in that florida swamp near the family home. here is prosecution jeff ashton as he's makinge1 his point thate doesn't believe that'sñi a credible idea at all. listen. >> getting past the fact that there is no conceivable reason why anybody would put duct tape on the face of a dead child.r i said it before. people don'@újt)qq'ts look çóke murder.ñr that's absurd.w3 >> and now this jury is going to mxd worth of testimony, scores
10:03 am
of witnesses in this case. they're thew3ñi ones that are g to have to sift through all of this and decide whose story herr is the mostw3 credible d mostçó w3compelling.ñi thiso'kçq is a circumstanceal c remember. there is no direct evidence linking casey anthony to 4çó !zeq!q jury has &8su of worked to. >> david, we'll follow thefáñi4l and anythin8t that happens tod with you. axdñr pipelinelpájf went ndertheok yellow stoneçóñrc r broke. howu bad is it?ñi >> you thinkw3 about yellowston national park, you hear about the yellow stone river. they're not necessarily fá connected, but just the idea of oil and yellow stone sounds absolutely horrible.fá we have 3sbr good news to go with the story. the good news>x$s that it was a relatively small area that was affected, about a ten-mile stretch of river.?;
10:04 am
it wase1 anywhere from +çó750, 100,000 barrels of oil that spread out across'c the area. they were able to skim quite a bit off. úh! that will be affected in this area is with some of the wildlife, the fish, the birds that eat the fish,ó[ the bears that feed on the trout. let's zoom inxdok7mg locations. yellow stone river, it's going to push some of the oil a bit farther towards billings. this took place, let's r right on july 1st around 11:30 in the evening. it only spilled for aboutt( 30 so, but still, plentyoutt( 30 of oil inñrjf that water. thankfully, though, it's at( swift-moving river. p with that,c ad#t of this oil is expected to break up. you about ñrstill, you never wa to hav unf-j-u9qe1"á$ráháhez(xd situation. >> we'll keep track.fá thanks, reynolds. >> the presidente1 is hosting militaryt( families andçóxd her
10:05 am
the white house for this fourth of july.çóe1 >> hit( there, kyra. it is the birthdayw3 of ma lmal obama. big fourth of july festivit today, this evening. s#ll seeñi the first family. they have invited military families, military heroes and their lot'es along with administration officials. they'll be having a e1barbecue. there will be a concert and one of the best views in all of washington, d.c..ráqqfá the firei/t)j on the national mall. one of the things they'rer contending with that struck us as w ] walked in this morning, l-?a1 t(up.mess that has been we had somet( pretty severelpw3k overnight here. big brasi$& all over the white house qcampus.fá(0eq! beene1 working tot( clean that d kyra,ere's another big mess,xdxá arguably, at( much bigger mess that the white house is contending with righteu3 now an that's thisq impasse that they'e xd ceiling, as yougress over the
10:06 am
of july today, aé@w3 good day tou celebrate. but it's axd+çv reminder that i% u.s. does not raisee1 its debt á ceilin )ñ it would default on is loan obligations.xdú calamatous.d beq."ñi ka ú >> why the impasse, tax increases? >> it is. right now, democrats are saying that they want a balanced approach, they want -- if there are goingú"iç be spending cuts r programs7oo that are affecting r amyn5jjg they want corporations and they want wealthy americans to share in thatlp sacrifice through tax increases. for their part, republicans are insisting no tax increases. they say to have anything in thó way of tangs hurt the economy. this is the position these negotiations have been in for about a week and a half right now. >> brianna keilar live from the
10:07 am
white house, thanks so much. coming up, we'rexd going to talk to the tc who created a popular internet blog. it allowsfs? returningfá soldie coming. we'll have that in less than te] minutes. this lastñi hour, we showed you the duke and duchess arriving onç?$q"wards ñrisland. these two have been pretty busy. will and kate have visited kids in a cancerçó ward, played xd t( le$ top-rated chef. it looks like the royals are 'hoh,t( you should 1 seen it. in the last hour. and the crowds went absolutely crazy for them.jf they set off in their carriage. thei]fá canadians say the duke duchess just left that and they brought theirxdt(ú!rriage back e and the crowds absolutely loving every moment of this. thex÷ duke and duchess current4
10:08 am
setting off a series of events. it's going to be a great day. you're goingjf to see them in t dragon boat=2÷l racingçó each o. each steering a different dragon boat. they're both competi4hvqso that will be good. william is a search and rescue pilot and the canadian teams are world renown in that particular area. he's going to go up in a helicopter with him and they're going to carry out an emergency landing on water, which only thr canad i know theçó palace aids areó[ îobably afá bitñ point getting rehjñifáu for td >> so the questionokçó is, will] take the stick? >> he'll have a chance to speak to both.ñie16zçóokñb. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu⌝ñp[uuuuuu
10:09 am
test. .çó test. .
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10:12 am
checking stories making news across country, a police officer and father of two shot to death at a hotel in memphis last night. police officer timothy warren was responding to shooting at a hotel. a sea boat crashes into another boat at a race. and it's not the first time. another speed boat hit a rescue boat in the same area. three people were injured in that crash. two of them seriously hurt. and the last american drafted to fight in the vietnam war is about to retire. command sergeant major jeff mellinger is about to return to life after 30 years in the army. shortly after he was drafted in 1972, the u.s. went to an all volunteer force. he had great penmanship and was full of compliments for his
10:13 am
lady. coming up, we'll tell but a love letter to basketball great michael jordan. he wrote it to his girlfriend in high school. things are tough all over, unless it seems you worked for the white house. we're going to tell you six figures salaries, next. this is major nevin blankenship in camp shelby, mississippi, getting ready to deploy to afghanistan. i wanted to give a shout out to my wife, vicki, my daughter, alexi, and my son, jason. happy fourth of july. love you and miss you all. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside.
10:14 am
10:15 am
capturing the moments of joy when military families welcome
10:16 am
home loved ones from war. it's an internet sensation. take a look at one example. >> i have a daughter -- in afghanistan. i know what that's like. just when you see your brother -- >> chase holefielder created the blog. i don't know if we can get the rest of that home coming. but the best part is when the brother embraces the sister, surpriseder her at graduation. when we watch this, chase wab tell me why you set up this blog and what inspired you to do this. >> well, you know, before i set up the blog, i remember coming across several military homecoming videos on the internet thinking there needed to be a central location. it's one weekend. i created the blog and started
10:17 am
to promote it online. before i knew it, i had military families from all over the world sending me their military videos. >> your dad was in the air force in vietnam. other than that, you have no connection to the military. you're still in college right now, right? >> no. i'm a recent college graduate. >> okay. you did graduate. >> yep. and that's true about my dad. i don't have any other connection to the military other than that. but i don't think you need to have a military connection to the enjoy did videos. >> on that note, let's take a look at another one. let's roll it. >> hey. >> hey, dad! >> oh, my god! oh, my golly!
10:18 am
oh, my. oh, lord. >> now, chase, i understand once word got out that all these folks across the country just started sending you their surprise moments of when a son or a daughter or a father or someone came home to surprise a family member. and how many hits a day do you get and how many people are sending you in videos? >> i'll wake up to an e-mail box full of videos from different people. not all sent in by the actual families, but some sent in from the families. and, you know, it's great. i get thousands and thousands of them a day and it's something that struck a cord with the public. >> and just looking at all -- it has struck a cord. it struck a cord with us, as well. as we all endure two wars, these men and women are dying for us. these are stories of those that get the chance to come home. tell us why you think it's important for all of us, at least once a day, once a week,
10:19 am
once a month, at least, take a look at this. >> well, you know, i try to keep the blog away from my political stance or anything like that because i feel that the videos transcend that. i think regardless of your feeling about the war, the clipses are undoubtedly hard warming. >> yes, they are. i love how creative families get to surprise each other. chase, this is so fabulous what you've done. chase hofielder, it's what a great thoing talk about on this fourth of july. thanks, chase. >> thanks very much. showbis news four. one person won't be returning to "glee." show creators have decided not to renew chord overstreet's contract. and lady gaga getting some
10:20 am
love from taiwan. sunday was declared the lady gaga day to honor her first performance on the island. the mayor gave her a key to the city and cool kids performed for her. >> transformers, dark of the moon blew the competition away this weekend, set a july fourth box office record. it maes over $97 million in the u.s. this weekend. and michael jordan's love letters show he was a player, even back in high school. he wrote the note to a prom date at the age of 18. it sold as auction for $5,000 and was recently made public. one thing we did learn about the basketball legend, he was full of compliments for this lady. working at the white house sounds like some pretty good perks. you get to know the president, you have great health care benefits and how about a six figure salary? allison is in new york with the details. allison, how much are white house staffers getting paid? >> overall, you look ate, they're getting paid $37 million
10:21 am
a year. this is among 454 staffers who run the white house office. this doesn't include house staff butlers and chefs. if you look at the median salary, that $70,000 wes that's smack dab in the middle. half are above that enough and half of the people are below that. but one out of every three people working at the white house make at least six figures. now, there is a cap on how much they can make. the maximum salary that's alloweds is at $17 2,200. we all want to know who makes that. the most of the recognizable staffers, that's who. john brennen, chief of staff bill daily and adviser david plus. others make that $172,000 figure, kyra. >> six figures is good for many of these guys, but for a lot of them, not so much because a lot of them gave up private sector jobs. >> yeah, they did. but this is what public service
10:22 am
is all about. $172,000, it's chump change for them. bill daley made $900,000 at jpmorgan. but you know what? working for the president, it sometimes increases your marketability even more after leaving the white house. so they can take that with them. you can't really put a price on that. get who gets the top salary, kyra? >> who? >> come on. >> president obama, $400,000 a year. >> i thought you were trying to throw me on some odd statistic a year. >> he makes, what, $400,000 or something a year? >> exactly. $400,000. he also makes millions in part from his book royalty. but yes, he gets the top salary. i wasn't trying to trick you. it's a holiday. >> okay. i just wanted to make sure. i thought, i don't know if it if i want to go with the obvious. after seven weeks of testimony, some very dramatic testimony, the casey anthony trial is wrapping up. the jury is expecting to get the
10:23 am
case today. son niehausny is following the r us. has the end -- is it expected today? >> it is expected today. the prosecution is in its rebuttal argument phase and that's because the prosecution, kyra, gets the last word. the burden of proof is on the prosecution. so, certainly, you're looking at a picture of linda drain-burdick. she is giving her rebuttal argument. i will say this, it has been fashion na fascinating to watch. the prosecution came out swinging this morning. jeff ashton started out this morning by attacking the defense's closing arguments of fantasy forensics piece by piece by piece. they rebutted the medical experts, the dug experts, the chloroform, and finally, one of the most important arguments thissing prosecutor made was
10:24 am
even if casey accidentally used too much chloroform to silence her daughter and she died as a result of that, she is still guilty of felony murder, which is capital murder. and i think it's so interesting because it shows he almost had his finger on the pulse of what so many people think because my fabcebookers are telling me that's what they think. they think perhaps casey anthony uses chloroform as a baby-sitter and her daughter accidentally died because of that. the prosecution says even if you believe that story, that is certainly felony murder. certainly a big day of buttoning up their prosecution case today. they've got probably about an hour to go and then it goes to this jury. the judge will give some instructions, instruct them on the law, and then it's up to the jury to decide casey anthony's fate. >> we're watching closely.
10:25 am
sonny, thanks. president bill clinton says president obama shouldn't blink during debt negotiations with republicans. we'll talk about that in political buzz. also, we're heading live to coney island. the excitement is in the air. the dogs and buns, all laid out. the annual hot dog eating contest, nearly here. tuesday and wednesday only. hotels.combe smart. book smart. when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information.
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10:28 am
rape charge appeared to be falling apart. now, another woman coming forward alleging that sdraus khan attempted to force himself on her in 2002. checking the other stop stories, thailand will have hits ifrt female prime minister. and two people, including a police officer, are dead after a shooting at a double tree hotel in tennessee. unknown attackers hacked the fox news twitter feed. they sent out news that president obama had been assassinated. and your political buzz, three questions, 20 seconds on the clock and playing today, democratic strategist maria cardonzez, pete dominick and
10:29 am
sherry tacobis. first question, this weekend, bill clinton said president obama should not blik when he negotiators with republicans over the debt ceiling. should obama follow that advice or take a softer approach. >> you know, when bill clinton was president, he lost the congress because of his policy and then he had to play ball with republicans. we got the balanced budget, a surplus and welfare reform because he did work with republicans. i can only think that the advice he's giving obama is so president obama will lose. >> maria. >> it was the president who prided over the largest economic expansion in history, created 22 million jobs and he actually worked for the middle class and it worked for him, as well, i do think that obama is going to take his advice because it's advice based on fairness and that's what the american people want, where you spread the pain
10:30 am
equally. >> kyra, president obama has been the king of compromise. way too much for his progressive and liberal base. on every major piece of legislation, he's made huge compromises. he blings so much, his presidential portrait should look like this. on the stimulus plan, on health care, on wall street reform, all he does is blink. if he blings on the debt ceiling negotiations -- we'll know the truth, whatever that meant. >> so far, the 112th congress, one of the least productive in recent memory by the "chicago tribune's"maker, worse than 1948's do-nothing congress. we're going back to the history books now. what's your explanation, maria? >> well, i think you have to look at the difference between now and what happened in the last congress. the last congress was actually the most productive congress that we've had in history where you had everything that page has
10:31 am
mentioned that was passed for the benefit of the working class and the middle class. then what happened? democrats lost the house, republicans are now in charge of the house. they haven't done one thing to save one american job. >> i think last fall's elections were when the america spoke loud and clear that they want congress to do less. i want politicians to take the hip critic oath like doctors, first, do no harm. they want congress to do less. i think it's better when congress is on vacation. we don't need washington so heavily involved in our lives. ask when congress gets too busy and does too much, the voters tend to know how to tear care of that. >> pete. >> that would be great if congress didn't do anything, actually, did nothing at all. the budget would be balanced because the tax cuts would expire. but the truth is, if this is true that this congress has done less than the 1948 congress, whatever you mentioned, that just -- it's so bad. there's nothing getting done and i think people do want something done.
10:32 am
jobs. they want jobs and not, you know, invading women's uterus issues. that's not what people want. we want jobs and they have passed -- doh! >> buzzer beater time. saturday, michele bachmann said she will help president obama find a job if she wins the white house. what kind of job do you think she'd get the president? >> i think the president should stand in line like millions of other americans for some of those jobs with those shovel-ready projects that he promised, you know, when he needed almost $1 trillion of our tax dollars to spend on his failed stimulus package. let him get in line with the rest of america. >> well, in this alternative universe which frankly will never hatch where michele bachmann is president she will probably appoint him ambassador to the country of that she thinks is his birth, kenya. i think politifact checked
10:33 am
michele bachmann's facts on this. if she said anything about jobs, that will be great. maybe she can help find a new job for the president. we have to have jobs for everybody and she's not said anything about that. we'll see. >> happy fourth of july and thanks for weighing in. >> okay. thank you. it's become as american as apple pie. we're talking about nathan's hot dog eating contest. alan, we understand you're going to show us the dunk, a very famous tradition or strategy, shall i say, in this hot dog eating supremacy. >> absolutely. it is really the only way that you can consume a hot dog bun. it's so hard, so stiff. but what you need to do is you need to actually dunk it in the water. this is what the competitors do. there we go. not too bad, huh?
10:34 am
i don't think i can make it up on stage, but that makes all the difference and that explains partly why some of these guys are able to consume so many hot dogs. the record is 68 in only ten minutes held by world champion joy joey chestnut. >> and, of course, the big news broken today right here with you, we're going to have a female table. not longer to the women so to compete with the guys. they have their own fierce competition. >> that's right. a great day for women in america today, really, around the world. the women's champion go to earn a pink belt rather than the mustard yellow belt that the men hold. it's sponsored by pepto bismol. that's why it's pink. >> keep us posted. only a short time ago, prince william got a bride and the world got a new fashion icon. next we'll talk to kate
10:35 am
middleton, her take on the closest. my name is specialist kevin bell. i'm in the army and serving in baghdad, iraq. thank you all for your support. i appreciate it very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ you know what, tell me, what makes peter peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd.
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10:38 am
and checking stories making news across country, wildfires have burned through entire forests in new mexico. but police are leth at least 10,000 evacuees back in their homes. that's pretty much the entire population of los alamos where this is happening. the minnesota zoo is back open this morning despite the state's shutdown. a judge ruled that the zoo could use money and other sources like parking and memberships to keep it running. and the real estate where jeff bulger was hiding. he was on the lamb for 16 years. the apartment's owner in san monica says he's getting lots of calls. one reason could be those callers are looking for money. there was more than $800,000 stashed away in the walls of that apartment. the royal couple, william and kate are in the middle of their tour in canada with stops
10:39 am
to prince edward island, montreal, and they'll soon be heading to los angeles. and we're curious to see if she'll be paying a visit to her former stylist, nicki penny. nicki joins us live now talking about her trip to canada, upcoming trip to l.a. so i'm curious, nicki, you actually worked with kate before she became the duchess. how have you seen her evolve from her tastes then to her tastes now? >> you know what, it's a really interesting transformation. and what's so lovely about it is actually her style has always remained the same. her style is classic, elegant, chic, effortless, timeless. that always remained the same. but what is so nice about now, what she's doing, is she's using her clothes as an expression to put across her message to the world. so all of her outfits that she's been wearing in canada have very
10:40 am
much been for a reason. you know, the first outfit she wore was actually by a canadian designer who lives in london. and then every outfit she's worn has been making a statement and it's all about being a fashion diplomate which is what she is doing perfectly. >> so was that always important to her when you knew her prior to becoming the duchess? did she think that much about what she wore? >> well, i think -- i think she's always thought carefully about what she wears and how she presents herself. and, you know, comfort is one of the most intrinsic things to kate and i know that. but what is so nice now, in her new role, she's taking the time and really doing her research and putting together outfits herself that she feels convey the right message as a young royal. and so all the outfits that she's been wearing in canada,
10:41 am
they all are for, you know, conveying a message of, you know, the way she feels about canada. and, you know, every designer she's been wearing has been just gorgeous and they've been selling out. i mean, every dress she wears has been selling out within eight minutes on the internet. >> what's another one of your favorites? >> my favorite dress, actually, was the beautiful catherine walker dress that she wore on diana's 50th birthday. and what was so nice about that was that was one of diana's favorite designers who actually catherine passed away sadly last year. but that was a really nice touch and a really nice message, again. >> what color was that one? which picture is that? do we have that picture? >> yes. that's the beautiful gray dress. it was quite simple. and, again, every outfit is just beautifully simple and fitted on her body. but she's just -- you know, very ponant moment that she wore that
10:42 am
dress on diana's birthday. >> so so far, she's doing well. >> she's doing very well. and i can't wait to see what she wears this week. and i'm so excited to see what she's going to wear when she comes to l.a. maybe it's going to be victoria beckham. who knows. >> now, there's an interesting fashion icon right there. nikki, thanks for weighing in. appreciate it. wet weather can ruin fourth of july fireworks shows, but so can dry weather. details and the forecast from reynolds wolf, next. >> hi. i'm lieutenant todd herr. i'd like to wuch my family and friends in lexington, kentucky, a happy fourth of july. love you all. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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10:45 am
nothing says fourth of july like fireworks, right? but none of them will be using them due to dry conditions. reynolds wolf is here to explain what happened. >> and what an unfortunate situation been we americans love our fireworks. i'm going to be really loud because i'm going to turn on my microphone for a few moments. >> or you can talk really, really loud. >> there we go. the microphone is now on. let's get back to work. it is one of the big issues we have. a lot of people not able to
10:46 am
enjoy the fireworks plain and simple, it's because of dry conditions. you have dry conditions, windy conditions across parts of texas. it's one of the reasons why the wild fires have spread like kraes crazy across arizona into new mexico. assuming those conditions are going to exist into texas and oklahoma. even a sliver into the southeast. even into arkansas and louisiana. so plain is simple, what you have to do is if you're not so sure if you should or should not, call your local county government, they'll let you know. sheriff's office, same deal. lack of rainfall will be the situation for some people in the four corners, but that's not the case for you in the upper midwest. chance of severe storms. in parts of the southeast, you might have a rumble of thunder perhaps even here in atlanta by later this afternoon. that's a quick snapshot at your forecast. let's send it back to you. full volume, how about that? >> turn it up, pal. thanks, reynolds. nfl owners and players plan to get back to negotiations this
10:47 am
week. they're turning up the volume, that's for sure. a lot of them are worried that even if the two sides reach a deal, the lockout will hurt team readiness. here is joe johns. >> we're nearly four months into the nfl lockout and still no deal in place as owners and players argue over how to split up over $9 billion in annual revenues. >> it's ridiculous. >> pathetic. >> to say fans are getting testy would be putting it mildly. james brown, a nationally known nfl sportscaster offers his take. >> i would like to think that prudent heads will prevail in coming up with something that effectively is a win-win situation and doesn't ailen ate your fan base. when you look at those with day-to-day issues being cut back on 80% and 09% of therefore workweek and 80% and 90% or more of their pay, home foreclosures, one has to be sensitive to that. >> reporter: president obama is on the record saying, work it
10:48 am
out. and he did with a tone in his voice. >> for an industry making $9 billion in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way and be true to their fans who are the ones who obviously allow for all the money that they're making. so my expectation and hope is that they will resolve it without me intervening because, it turns out, i've got a lot of other stuff to do. >> owners say the economic model has changed and that there's a need trough structure. but with the average career span of a player at about six years, players are reluctant. fans we talk to tend to side with the players, but they also say, get a deal done already. >> it's a business, so they can come to a win-win situation. i don't think it has to be a win-lose. i really don't. >> i think both sides should just end it and get back to what they do. >> as for the product on the field, i think absolutely the product will suffer if, in fact, training camps are delayed in vary significant fashion. and certainly one of the biggest
10:49 am
concerns are injuries. >> if a deal isn't reached soon, training camps, preseason games and the regular season would be in jeopardy and stadiums like this one would go empty, meaning less revenue, which is something nobody wants to see happen. joe johns, cnn, landover, maryland. police and federal agents tried everything they knew and still came up empty when it came to catch ago suspected serial killer. that's when they went to an unlikely source, a federal prison. that stories, after the break. >> hi. i'm specialist sara costone. i'd like to say happy fourth of july to my family and friends in hammonton, new jersey. i love you, i miss you and i can't wait tore be home. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud--
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big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
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federal agents tried for months to catch a suspected serial killer. finally a prosecutor looking at a cold case found a prisoner might prove helpful. >> conviktsed drug dealer jimmy keen was ten months into his sentence when federal prosecutor jimmy beaumont brought him in to talk. >> it scared me. i thought this was some kick. >> i opened it up and the first thing i sooed seen was a picture of a mutilated dead girl. and i flipped to the next page
10:53 am
and there was a different mutilated dead girl. >> and there was a portrait of trisha reikler. at that moment, i looked up at beaumont and he said, jimmy, we need you to help us with this case. >> beaumonted wanted keen to go under cover, to transfer from his low security lockup to a dangerous prison and to be friend alleged serial killer larry hall. he says, if you can get solid confessions from him and if you can help us locate the bodies that are still missing, we're willing to completely wash your record. >> keen's mission? to learn where trisha reikler was buried. >> the purpose of this operation was to find that body. >> beaumont made it clear, no body, no early release. keen would have to serve the rest of his ten-year sentence. but beaumont believed keen could do it. >> he's smart. he's articulate. he's not afraid. and i knew he wanted to get out. >> for keen, it was a chance for redemption, to restore his family name and, says author
10:54 am
hillel levin, to get his life back on track. >> this deal was a way for him to get home, to take this bad thing he had done and to somehow turn it inside out and make it something that would solve a crime. >> but it wouldn't be easy. fair to say, he was risking his life. he could have been killed. >> it was dangerous, absolutely. >> it was highly risky. these people in those type of places haven't got anything better to do than to try and hurt you and kill you, too. >> keen was unsure, but a phone call home put his doubts to rest. keen's stepmother said his father had suffered a stroke. >> she said he's in really bad shape. we wish you were here. this is terrible that you're in a spot where you're in right now because we could lose him. >> keen needed to get home fast and is there was only one way to make that happen. he had to face an alleged serial
10:55 am
killer first. >> i just thought, you know what? however bizarre or how far out or whatever this mission that beaumont wants me to go on, i'm going to do it. >> my gosh, talking about an intriguing mission. has this ever been done before? >> never before. you have larry hall who is in prison. he's a convicted killer, in prison for kidnapping and killing a girl. the investigators we talked to over the months believe that's not the only girl that he killed. i spoke with his twin brother and he looked at me and said i believe my bro is the most prolific serial killer in history. what they set out to do was take jimmy keen, your hometown hero football star who was in prison for selling drugs, and it was his mission to get in and try to get information, girls, bodies from larry hall. does he do it? find out tonight. 10:00. >> tonight, 10:00 eastern time.
10:56 am
thanks, kyra. coming up in the next hour, the sexual assault case against former imf head dominique strauss-kahn, it's crumbling, but today, new allegations are coming to light from a french writer who says she is a victim, too. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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there's no holiday if you're running for the white house.
10:59 am
cnn aepsz political director paul steinhauser joining us from washington. let's talk about the candidate is the. >> let's start in new hampshire. this is amhearst, new hampshire. we'll see mitt romney and jon huntsman marching in this parade. guess who is going to be in new hampshire later tonight, as well? herman caine, running for new hampshire. meanwhile, in iowa, you've got bachmann, gingerich and sanatorium. it is a busy day on the campaign trail. back to you. >> thanks so much. that does it for us on this fourth of july. hope you're enjoying your barbecues, your fireworks, anything that you might do. i know suzanne is getting ready after the show to have a holiday weekend. i'm going to have a little barbecue, of course. it will be the american thing to do, jump in the pool a little bit. >> nice to see you. happy independence day. i want to get you up to speed for fourth of july, the


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